Palmadiving brings the best team for the most complicated jobs, like salvage. Many years of worldwide experiences make us capable to develop any job. Saving our environment and your boat. Since 1998 we collaborate with one of the biggest companies in salvage in Europe. We offer a 24 hour service!

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to be a preferred service provider supporting our clients by performing work at subsea locations in a safe, controlled and effective way.
To recognise the needs of our clients and approach them in an open and personal way with professional, competent and committed personal, to perform the job in a safe, healthy and dynamic working environment.
A professional subsea team in terms of service, quality, health, safety and the environment.



Palmadiving has lots of experience with wreck removal, oil spills and salvage World wide and finally is based in Mallorca. We are 24/7 ready to safe and response for any emergency  at sea.


Experience in Salvage

Many years and many disasters worldwide gave us the experience to perform the job safe, healthy and protecting our environment.


Environment and Health

PalmaDiving is very keen with the environment and health of there teams and projects, trying to be the first response to protect it.

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PalmaDiving is professional and fast

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